This book is not just another great story, it is one of the best books Kevin McLemore has written. A must-read book that comes across the pages as a visional read rather than a literary masterpiece. The lessons portrayed in this book guide you through Kevin’s lifelong journey, from a boy raised in a challenging environment to the ever optimistic, driven man he is today. Kevin writes about overcoming and improving from experiences that read like the movie Cooley written by Eric Monte.

How I Learned Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Life by Playing High School Football, goes far beyond The Indispensable Game of X’s and O’s. It reaches out to people from all walks of life who feel hopeless, and are looking for some kind of sign that will help them create their own fight song, to finally finding the strength, the courage to overcome the impossible and begin to live an extraordinary life with purpose and grace.

This book speaks the truth within you. There is not a big secret for positive thinking, reinventing yourself, or living a dynamic life other than your choices. You need to know how to harness that attitude, the power within, Believe. We all have a voice, a story to tell, find your “Why.” In this life, we have “One voice,” “Dream big,” find your fight song and believe in this life, that all is possible.

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