Kevin McLemore has over 35 years of experience in the fitness business and is currently a certified master-level fitness professional and Life Coach at Lifetime Athletic in Pennsylvania.

McLemore also works an independent marketing consultant for companies and individuals, directing products to QVC and other world-wide platforms. By reputation, McLemore constantly challenges himself and those around him to believe that anything is possible and to be the best a version of oneself. This is reflected in his conversations working with high schoolers, inner-city youth and athletes, and is now joining the group “Motivating Young Moms.” Info.motivatingyoungmoms@gmail.com

In McLemore’s heart, family comes first. He is motivated by his strong belief in his faith which guides him to live out his dream life as a motivational speaker with “One Voice” and “One Dream”. He believes that one random act of kindness can change the world. #findonethousandreason2Bkindtosomeone.

Masterful and prolific storytelling skills are reflected with his first books Letter’s to Elvis (St. Martin Press) and his Christmas novel Sprinkles, the True Spirit of Christmas. McLemore is looking forward to his speaking engagements and the release of his next books Dating with a Full Deck, 57 and I Can, and The Truth About the Business of Fitness, all due out next year.

McLemore is also a dog lover and believes that we as people can learn a lot from a loved dog.

S=Situation, T=Task, A=Action, R=Result

The best security in life is your ability to produce consistently